Recipe: Lemon Pudding Souffle

Part pudding, part soft cake this dessert will rock your socks!


What do you listen to when you are cooking?

Awesome cooking just doesnt happen without background music. It helps you transport to your happy place while you are making something yummy. My cooking song for the moment is ‘If the stars were mine’ by Melody Gardot. Actually its a Melody Gardot kind of day.

The Curious Case of the Cilantro Wars


Have you ever had that cilantro conversation with friends? It starts off with things being lovely and friendly and then turns tense real fast. See, there are two types of people-those that passionately hate cilantro and those that passionately love cilantro. I for one am a cilantro lover. I could stuff my face in it. I could have it in my dessert. Its seriously the best herb ever and I just cannot understand how someone can not love it so.

Cilantro haters, on the other hand, are so passionate about hating cilantro, that they have websites and Facebook pages dedicated to having cilantro banned. It wasn’t until I knee deep into the cooking world and having food discussions with friends that I was exposed to the strong animosity some might have towards cilantro. I never got it. How could you not like cilantro? What gives?

According to this New York Times article, it is in their genes! To some people, cilantro actually tastes like soap. This is the way they are genetically disposed to processing the flavor. Isn’t that crazy? I called up some of my cilantro-hating friends and they said that is exactly how it tastes to them. So, wow, this completely changes the argument here. However, according to this article, there is hope! If one gets used to eating it, it can become an acquired taste.

So what do you guys think? Do you like cilantro or hate it? Does it taste soapy to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. One person who famously hated cilantro is Julia Child. My heart if officially broken

iPad Sleeves for the Enthusiastic Chef


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Recipe: Lemon Pudding Souffle


So this is my favorite dessert. Like ever. Its so light and fluffy with it being part pudding and part souffle cake. The key to making it work is to bake it in a water bath, which lets the bottom part cook through but stay a pudding and the top part rises as a souffle. Oh and awesome trick- putting newspaper at the bottom of a pyrex pan and then fill halfway with water. The newspaper prevents the water from boiling while the pan is in the oven. Awesome right? I know it seems like there are a lot of steps but trust me it is worth it and really easy. [Read more...]